Fishing In Lincolnshire

Although our lake was only excavated in 2003 the waters appear much older, having matured nicely to provide a host of reed clad bays and plenty of vegetation. The lake occupies approximately 1 acre and the depth varies from 1.5ft down to 9ft. We have a fine stock of hard fighting Carp some weighing in at over 20lbs, Tench, Perch, Rudd and Roach all of which are in prime condition. One of the greatest features of fishing at Mill Farm Leisure is the peace and tranquillity. With the cottages no more than 30 Metres from the lake and Willow Lodge & our new Lakeside Lodges right next to it we offer a superb location for a fishing holiday. Our lake can be fished from dawn until dusk at any time of year.


Fishing Rules at Mill Farm


Mill Farm Leisure are committed to giving all visitors a pleasant days fishing

Our rules exist to safeguard our fish stocks and the surrounding environment ensuring that you have an enjoyable visit to Mill Farm Leisure. Please read these rules carefully before you fish, as failure to observe the rules or acting in any way which interferes with others’ enjoyment or use of the lake, will result in the offender being banned from the use of the lake.   


You are reminded that you should be in possession of a valid EA Rod License before starting to fish.


  • Fish only from the platforms provided, please do not fish between swims
  • All anglers must be in possession of a disgorger & landing net
  • You must have a suitable landing net and use at all times, fish must not be swung in!
  • All fish must be returned to the water immediately, do not use keep nets or sacks
  • Use only barbless hooks (barbed hooks are strictly banned)
  • No audible bite alarms
  • All forms of fixed lead are banned , all feeders/method feeders & leads must be free-running
  • No braided line or hook lengths
  • Rods (max 2 per person) are not to be left unattended at any time or for any reason
  • You must be in possession of an unhooking mat for all forms of fishing.
  • All litter must be removed from your peg & disposed of responsibly
  • All fish being photographed must be held over an unhooking mat at all times - photographs should be taken kneeling down under no circumstances should you hold fish standing up
  • Fish must be weighed using a sling, zipped unhooking mat or landing net.
  • No ground bait (except in a feeder or pole cup)
  • Do not throw un-used bait into the lake 
  • No swimming or wading in the lake 
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times 
  • No bloodworm, joker, nuts , cat or dog meat, artificial baits, hemp or boilies
  • No night fishing (fishing from dawn till dusk)
  • No fish to be taken away.

Occasional spot checks will be carried out (Due to a small number of guests ignoring the rules please do not be offended if we ask you to reel in your hook to check, we do this to protect our fish)

Catch reports and photographs of any notable fish caught would be appreciated for our website.